More Frank Baker

I had forgotten that Frank Baker’s website had such a wealth of info, but I reconnected with some of it today. A friend passed along a link to a Photoshop contest on called “If Movie Titles Were Honest”, and it reminded me of an exercise in reading ads and propaganda of big tobacco Baker has on his site ( He has students analyze the elements of advertising produced by big tobacco, then use those same elements to turn the tables, designing ads that tell the truth about those same tobacco products. I keep telling myself I’m going to fit a project like this in, but I never seem to have time. Since we do discuss film trailers, though, it might be a good addition to my project of choice list to do something like the product. I think this could have merit for the classroom not only in the way it teaches students we’re all about, but because it’s incorporating film, which they devour, and the manipulation of digital images by the students. Baker with a digital production/trangible product whammy. I’m just sayin’.


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  1. Ashleigh Wade
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 08:39:56

    Wow Pam this is really interesting. The “If Movie Titles Were Honest” was really humorus (although not classroom appropriate) 🙂 … I would love to be able to do a project like this as well one day when I teach. Thanks for the ideas!


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