My blog is so HOT

I’ve made the leap and decided to start a blog for my students this year. Only I don’t really know which direction to take. Ipulled up the article “HOT Blogging: A Framework for Blogging to Promote Higher Order Thinking” by Lisa Zawilinski. And now I have great ideas (even if I am still a LITTLE afraid). Note to those who haven’t paid NCTE dues and subscribed to the journals–DO IT NOW!!! There are always ideas that beg to be adapted to your classroom. Z says there are basically four types of blogs: Classroom News, Mirror, Showcase, and Literature Response. Since I routinely post classroom news already on my regular website, I’m going to start by ditching the regular paper class journals for a Literature Response blog. I also post student work on my website, but I might make a page to add it to the blog as well. First, I had to start by emailing the district’s technology big brother to see if he could open the blog to student access. I’m still waiting to hear back. While it’s always a concern, I can usually count on him to open sites if I let him know why I need it. Meanwhile–I’m bolstering my rationale for the powers that be. What is HOT blogging? It’s using that higher order thinking English teachers so value in a blogging format. Z says there are four recursive steps: bolster background, prime the pump, continue the conversation, and make multiplicity explicit. I love that she provides me with a synthesis worksheet to help the students think across online and print texts. I’m really excited about the possibilities here, and can’t wait to see what the students think. (Plus, I won’t be schlepping home all those cow notebooks to grade! Hooray!)


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  1. japage83
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 18:07:38

    I had decided to do my project on students having a blog instead of one of those stupid (and wasteful!) marble notebooks. And surprise! You’ve blogged on it! It’s a fabulous sounding idea. Seems like students would enjoy blogging much more than writing down their thought the old fashioned way. What if Dr. Osborne made us write journals instead of blogs? Yuck! I’m excited about this idea, too!


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