Over the Edge

Home tonight from the library to the evening news, and there’s another tragedy. Nine people shot by a coworker in Connecticut. Final straw that drives the shooter over the edge? He was asked to resign from his job driving a truck for a liquor supply company because he had posted videos to his facebook page showing himself stealing beer. Sort of reinforces the point that you need to monitor what you share and with whom. And makes you ask who’s looking. Was it brought to the attention of management by another employee? Didn’t they think the fact that one of his favorite pages belonged to a gun shop? (I mean, really, if you’re going to snoop, snoop well.) The event itself is horrible; please don’t think I think otherwise. But doesn’t it reinforce the fact that lines are blurring like they’re drawn with oil pastels, and that schools will be watching us? I wonder what the repercussions of this will be. Will districts who haven’t voiced a concrete opinion now put down on paper a policy regarding teachers (and other employees) and social networking sites? Will they be banned altogether? Will teachers (especially those beginning in the profession) be forced to lose a tool that connects them to other professionals, gives them ideas and a sounding board for classroom practices, and keeps them from feeling isolated–a major reason for many starting teachers to leave the profession? I don’t know, but at the least, you better check your privacy settings and your photos. I’m pretty sure in the culture of fear this will be a weapon against those of us who are entrenched in Web 2.0. Get ready. The argument is just beginning…


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  1. mrdajau
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 21:57:02



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