A look at the faves

In this digital world, what’s on my favorite list? What do my choices say about how I use the technology at my fingertips? First, I have links to schools…duh. The high school where I teach, the college I attend, and my district’s website. Then I have my webpage for the classroom, so that I can pop in and easily keep it updated (Having said that, I haven’t replaced my post from the end of last semester.). Next, tools for work (I’m seeing a theme, here…). Websites that have great ideas, organized by files so I can find them, depending on the material I think they’ll be most effective with. Then I have some favs that are more telling. An eCookbook that I made for my daughter’s graduation that other relatives are still adding to via the link, making the project better than I ever could have alone (plus we all have access…yum). A site that lets me access webcams on any beach on the East Coast, complete with the sound of the tides. A crazy number of Shakespeare websites. And, of course, links to pay my bills. What does it say about me–that I’m a workaholic, cooking-enthusiastic mom who’s a beach-loving, financially responsible word nerd? There you have it–a life in a list. What’s on yours?


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