A little independent reading…I hope

Okay. I’ve been asked by the powers that be to institute a new reading program in my classroom that involves students reading independently on their own reading level, conferencing with me, and hopefully making progress toward grade level reading skills and beyond. To facilitate conferencing and work on our digital literacy skills at the same time, I’ve decided to use blogs as our conferencing space (Don’t worry, anti-digitals; students are also responsible on daily basis for a written log of pages read, vocabulary, etc.). I will be blogging about what I’m currently reading, too. This week, since we’re just beginning, our blogs are about beginning things–the genre of our book, meeting the characters, initial conflicts and plot points. We’ll be setting up our pages on Friday, when the administration will be distributing laptops to my tenth graders. Cross your fingers. I’m really excited about this and want it to go well…


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  1. Denise
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 17:18:00

    I have so enjoyed reading your blogs! I’m just commenting on this one, however — for “obvious” reasons 🙂 I think blogging is a great way to engage your students with their reading; and, you’re right — they won’t have a bit of trouble with these digital communications! Actually, the next step in this whole balanced literacy approach is to conference with students individually (while the others are reading / or blogging). That one-one-one time really holds them accountable for the reading and understanding. And, it gives you a deeper understanding of their knowledge and any gaps they may have in the whole reading process. I think you have some great ideas and will really be successful in “growing” your students as readers! Thanks for your dilligence, dellinger —-hahaha (not funny, I know).


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