Burning Out, Not Fading Away

Since I last had the chance to post, my class has been crazy busy. As you can see by my blog roll, most of them have set up accounts, and we’re falling into a routine as the quarter comes to a close. I think the blogs are a success so far–the students are saying some interesting things, but most of all they’re SAYING them–so often many don’t get a voice in class discussions. Beyond that, everyone is (gasp) reading! Not everyone is comfortable with it yet, but I have some who are just embracing the time. I continue to be amazed…

Grad classes for me are cranking right along, which explains the whole behind on my blog posts thing. I have a midterm on Monday in poetry, and a seminar paper looming in there and in Comp and Rhet. I think the poetry one will discuss female poets’ use of traditional form to give a kick in the pants to their masculine counterparts, while the comp one will address finding a balance between a prescriptivist and social-epistimic approach in writing instruction (sort of a “picking-your-battles-against-the-man” paper). Wish me luck. I’ve submitted as part of a panel to present at SCCTE at Kiawah this year. We should hear back from that proposal by November 1. A little nervous since I haven’t presented since 2008, when I rocked that one on Zora Neale Hurston at BigSURS, or my rousing one on lit theory at COI.

Also waiting to hear back on a grant my wonderful collegue, Cindy, listed me as a second on. I’m assuming it will mean a presentation at FMU in the spring or summer.

Working, too, on a revamp of a paper for publication…sigh. Hoping it will rain, so I can ignore the beautiful weather and get it done 🙂

Dreaming of cruises and tropical ports-of-call…


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