Digging Out from Under

I’ve been quiet for a while. Really quiet for me. Let’s just say I’ve had some health issues that are continuing, and I’m trying to get caught up on the overwhelming mountain of work that accumulated while I was in the hospital (and after, when I didn’t have the energy for anything, much less hitting the power button on the laptop).

The students, however, have been working away, and I’m really proud of them. (A special shout out to Brian, who’s read the entire Cirque du Freak series already!) Those who are blogging are doing well, and I’m enjoying their conversations. The blogs are spreading, by the way, since Ms. Nesbit introduced them to her classes recently. It’s good to see someone as excited about them as I am. Plans are hatching for the teachers in our department to blog with one another as well–a community of learners and supporters, these teachers are amazing…

Now, on to my entry, students. Sorry I was behind.

I read the YA novel Party Girl last week. Written by Lynne Ewing, it’s the story of two girls who are gang members. The novel opens with the death of one of them, and chronicles the story of how the other leaves the life. The whole novel was stark and depressing, and I thought the ending was a little too perfect, but overall, I wound up liking the book. I remember the small images in the book the best. Ewing’s descriptions are precise and strong, like “Kikicho stood on his metal canes and walked to the casket, his right leg dragging on the adobe floor. He balanced his canes against the coffin.” The story was a window into a culture I don’t know much about. I do know about gangs (Italian family, remember?), but I don’t know much about current ones. I don’t really want to know, to tell the truth. They’re scary. I don’t like to think of my students as part of that culture, but a cold fact is that many of them are (or think they are or want to be, based on a BET video). Too many societal issues for me to solve in a blog, folks. There has to be a way to offer hope without accepting excuses…I keep going back to relationships. Keep making them and maintaining them…Nothing good happens without them.


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  1. xoxokittenxoxo
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 10:40:02

    well hope u feel betta n dat book “party girls” sounds really gud and interestin 😀


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