Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends

Okay, guys, I need some help. I’ve heard from quite a few of you that you enjoy this blog and want to read more. Thing is, I had sort of an issue this week.

All of you know I constantly struggle with that feeling of being on the outside of the academic world while my student loans continue to remind me that I’m firmly in it.  I went through a bit of a slump this week when I felt my work was being attacked. Whether it was or wasn’t, I decided after I worked the whole “breathe in; breathe out” thing, wasn’t the issue. I think it’s really time for some outside validation…

Having said all that, the only journals I know of that might come close to being a fit for my style are English Journal or its sister SC publication. With a portfolio that leans heavily to that subject matter–the same classroom-centered stuff that you sometimes find here–and lit crit (with a huge memoir project that seems to be eating away at my life thrown in for good measure), where else should I submit?

HELP!! Let the comments begin…(please).


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