It’s Time!

Okay, students, tomorrow is the day. We’ve been expecting it, but now it’s time…HSAP is officially here. We had a really hard push the last two weeks, including the workshop days, and I think all the extra review you’ve been doing is going to pay off. I know the stress level is way up there, and some of you are starting to panic. To those, let me say this–breathe in; breathe out.

Tomorrow is the writing section, and there will be dictionaries in each testing room–USE THEM! (You know I would, the way I spell…lol) ALSO remember your vivid vocabulary and all those nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections. You know all the parts of speech and how they work–build with the blocks. Vivid vocabulary–your voices are strong, so use words that show them. Do some prewriting. Even the “great” writers made revisions, so we should too. Indent your paragraphs for the old teachers (yes, even older than me) grading these. Make sure they SEE your organization. Make your 15 points a no-brainer for them.

You have learned so much this year! I’ve seen your writing grow and your critical thinking skills expand. You are ready for this! We’ve covered and practiced every standard and beyond. TRUST yourselves. Test strongly, and you’ll never have to see this thing again. EVER.

Good luck, my scholars. You’re the best.


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