In the Short Rows

I can’t believe I went so long without posting–this last month has been a whirlwind. Things in life change so quickly…

Since we last talked, my students have taken the HSAP. While we’re still waiting on scores, I was encouraged by their seriousness and concentration as they took the exam. They know so much–I just wish we could design high-stakes exams that truly measured how much they’ve grown this year.

They’ve been given their last three assignments based on a novel of their choosing–a vocabulary journal, a booktalk to post in the library, and a final project of choice that will count as their final exam. Only 18 days remaining, and those are filled with the flurry of activities the end of the year always brings.

I will miss them.

My own classes are finishing up as well, which will finally give me my Masters +30. A raise is on the horizon! Doubly good since I sign a death note (mort-gage) tomorrow on a house of my own. Finally, a move I can look forward to! Let me just say it’s been a long road from the empty pockets I had (quite literally) when I moved back home to now. I’ve also taken a parttime position teaching English 102 at Coastal in the fall. Opportunities and new experiences abound, and life is good!

So just 18 more school days, and I’ll see Creek Bridge students from my first year here grasp their diplomas and their new lives. Amazing. Every day, I see my students do the most inspiring things. Yes, I could work somewhere else, but the payoff could never be better…


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  1. mrdajau
    May 06, 2011 @ 23:52:33

    Aww Im going to Miss the Best 10th Grade teacher ever summer is here and i dont want school to end!


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