Published, shmublished

I’ve been shortchanging the blog a bit to concentrate on teaching and writing, as most of you can tell, but today I get to share some great news: I had a piece accepted by Flashquake. It looks like my goal to be published by summer will be met.

Most of you know I’ve been published before–long ago in my other life as a journalist. This is different. It’s personal. Writing with a capital W. (How’s that for overblowing my importance? Relax; it is not grandiose thought. Put the script pad down.)

I have to admit, as much as I’ve been pushing for it, I feel a bit strange that the flash piece “Fossils” will be out there. It is creative nonfiction, and memoir, and as such, it’s personal. You know–the people in it are still alive and junk. It’ll be my first exposure to openly talking about some things I don’t normally mention in the public forum. I’m hoping it will roll over most of the blissfully ignorant (and it probably will).

But it puts the pressure on. 

If I can publish one; why not another? Why not now? I no longer have to feel guilty about making time to write, but I can’t keep putting it off like it isn’t worth it. Some editor finally thinks it is. And if she does, others might. Hooray for validation. It’s scary.




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