Help with the Next Things

For those of you who may become alarmed–The following is not grandiose thought. I need a little help.

So today, I got some great news. My piece on Wade, “Nothing Was Out of Control,” was accepted by Watershed Review. I’ve been shopping it out, so I’m happy it’s found a home, but I find myself afraid to let it go. Small sections of it were the first pieces I’d written in twenty years, and now the larger work, shaping up to be Bone on Bone: A Memoir of Love and Manic Depression, has had three sections published (Most notably “Everything Was Out of Control” in Brevity.). My big question, then, is what am I to do with the larger piece at this point?

I’m a teacher. I’m a mom. I’m a writer. I am not, thank the gods, an agent. But I’m thinking it may be time to look for one. So please, weigh in everyone. I need some help here. How can I begin to make this happen? To get the memoir out there in its intended form, fleshed and breathing instead of stunted? Which way should it go?

So to all of you who have made the move, what now?

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